Board of Directors:

  • SENIOR ADVISORS:  Jean B. Lee, Edward G. Lengel
  • PRESIDENT:  Mark DeVecchis
  • Education Director:  Valarie DeVecchis
  • TREASURER:  John Curto
  • SECRETARY :  Amanda Sechrist
  • WEB:  Mike Lyter
  • PUBLICITY/ADVERTISING:  Michelle Damiano





American Revolution Round Table – Central PA (ARRT-Centpa)


We are devoted to the study of all aspects of the Colonial and Revolutionary period (1700-1800) and others.  Composed of a group of eclectic, yet historically-minded individuals, the ARRT-Central PA provides a forum for the exploration, discussion and sharing of knowledge about this interesting and critical period of our history.  All are welcome to attend this enlightening and enjoyable pursuit, regardless of knowledge level.


Any person with an interest in the study of our American History, and in particular, early American and Founding History is eligible for ARRT-Central PA membership.  The organization is open to all such persons. Membership meetings will be held once a year, and other times when called by the Board of Directors. Elections will be held at that meeting every other year.


The annual dues are, for individuals, twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per calendar year, or forty dollars ($40.00) for couples per calendar year and fifteen dollars ($15.00) for students, excluding fees for any other special functions or trips that bear additional costs.  Dues are payable in January. New members joining at the August meeting or later in the year will be charged fifteen dollars ($15.00) for individuals, or thirty dollars ($30.00) for couples, or ten ($10.00) for students, for that calendar year only, thereafter paying the regular twenty-five dollar ($25.00) individual, forty ($40.00) couples, fifteen ($15.00) student fee.  ASSOCIATIONS’ Five dollars ($5.00) of each member’s dues shall be earmarked for preservation purposes. The recipient of our annual preservation donation shall be Battlefield Preservation unless recommended by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership otherwise. The yearly donation will be calculated at $5.00 times the number of dues-paying members plus any additional preservation contributions.


Section 1:  Only members whose dues are paid to the ARRT-Central PA are eligible to hold office or to serve on the Board of Directors, on standing committees, or on special committees.

Section 2:  The officers of the ARRT-Central PA are President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Education Director, Membership, Webmaster, Design and Publicity.  The Board of Directors may appoint up to three (3) Senior Advisors. This group will constitute the Board of Directors, all serving as voting members.

Section 3:  A nominating committee composed of three (3) members will be appointed by the President during the August meeting every two years.  This committee will present the slate of candidates to the membership at the November meeting. Initially, in absence of a membership, the Board of Directors will do this.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor. Only those members who have signified their consent to serve if elected will be nominated for or elected to such office. Current officers and other members in good standing who wish to serve on the Board of Directors will submit their name and the position in which they are interested to the committee by October 15.  Officers will be elected at the November meeting. If there is but one nominee for office, election for that office will be by voice vote.

Section 4: Newly-elected officers will assume their official duties at the first meeting after the 1st of the New Year.  Officers will serve for a term of two (2) years.  Officers will be eligible to be reelected to the same position.


Section 1:  The President will:

  1.  Preside at all meetings of the ARRT-Central PA and of the Board of Directors,
  2.  Perform other such duties as may be prescribed in the bylaws,
  3.  Be an ex officio member of all committees except the nominating committee,
  4.  Sign all checks and vouchers in lieu of the Treasurer,
  5.  Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the Round Table so as to meet the mission of the organization,
  6.  Prepare a potential speaker list for the upcoming year in conjunction with the 1st and 2nd Vice-President.

 Section 2:  First Vice-President

  1. In the absence of the President, preside at all meetings of the ARRT-Central PA and of the Board of Directors,
  2. Arrange and schedule speakers and programs for each regularly scheduled meeting of the Round Table along with the President and 2nd Vice-President,
  3. Participate with the President and the Second Vice President for developing new programs to continually upgrade and promote the mission of the organization.

Section 3:  Second Vice-President

  1.  In the absence of the President or the 1st Vice-President, preside at all meetings of the ARRT-Central PA and the Board of Directors,
  2.  Arrange and assist in scheduling speakers and programs for each regularly scheduled meeting of the Round table,
  3.  Other such programs or duties as the officers and directors shall prescribe.

 Section 4:  Education Director 

  1.  Work with the Department of Education Act 48 teacher hour’s program,
  2.  Be sure the ARRT-Central PA is maintaining the standard required to maintain the Approval by the PDE
  3.  Encourage teachers to participate and provide forms and assistance for completion to get the Act 48 hours,
  4.  Work with School Districts and others to take the programs to them, for a fee, in lieu of attendance at a regularly scheduled program of the ARRT-Central PA, be it in person or by a recorded viewing of the event,
  5.  Know and work with PERMS to record attending teachers their awarded hours in a timely manner. 

Section 5:  Treasurer 

  1.  Have custody of all funds of the ARRT-Central PA,
  2.  Keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures,
  3.  Make disbursements as authorized by the President or the Board of Directors in accordance with the fiscal policies adopted by the ARRT-Central PA,
  4.  Sign all checks and vouchers,
  5.  Present a biannual audited financial statement to the membership for the ARRT-Central PA at the end of the calendar (fiscal) year corresponding to the election of officers and when so directed by the Board of Directors.  In years without the presentation of an audited financial statement, a financial review will be performed. The election or appointment of a new treasurer will trigger the presentation of an audited financial statement, said statement to be prepared prior to the new treasurer assuming office,
  6.  Prepare the all documents required by the State of Pennsylvania the Internal Revenue Service such as the 990 and submit it annually to the proper regulatory agency,
  7.  Other such duties as assigned by the Board of Directors. 

Section 6:  Secretary 

  1.  Record all minutes of meetings and prepare a summary of all general meetings for posting on the organization’s web site and maintain all records of Board of Directors meetings,
  2.  Maintain all organization records,
  3.  Maintain accurate records of those in attendance at Board meetings and their happenings,
  4.  Maintain a current list of all members and their membership expiration dates,
  5.  Issue membership cards for new members, and renewing members,
  6.  Perform other delegated duties as assigned. 

Section 7:  Webmaster 

  1.  Will change, upgrade, improve, monitor and maintain the website and any other social media the organization will of necessity, become involved in.  All changes, upgrades, improvements, etc. will be discussed with the Board of Directors and done in a timely manner,
  2.  Keep website current with news and information on upcoming programs and/or events,
  3.  Work closely with Design and Publicity,  
  4.  Perform other duties as will be necessary and assigned. 

Section 8:  Design and Publicity

  1.  Will work in conjunction with Webmaster and design to provide graphics, designs, forms as is needed by the ARRT-Central PA, including but not limited to the website, publicity brochures, promotional and design with pre-program PowerPoints,  
  2.  Write copy for the brochures, promotions and their designs,
  3.  Work closely with Design and Publicity,
  4.  Perform other duties as will be necessary and assigned.